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Only The Young – An Honest Review

I had the pleasure of viewing “Only The Young” at Violet Crown in Austin Texas. I love Violet Crown so much that I almost just went on a wild tangent about their wine and beer atmosphere- but that’s not what this is about.

Only The Young is a documentary style narrative about 3 friends who have a strong bond and no fear of a camera crew following them around (or that’s what the movie would have you believe.) If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to spend your teenage years in a small desert town in Southern California, this is all you need to watch.

I went into this movie knowing to expect something a little out of the norm, so I slouched back in my seat, took advantage of the house red wine, and put my optimistic glasses on. Prior to the showing it was announced that the Director, Elizabeth Mims, was among us and would be around to chat about the movie and answer questions. Immediately, I’m like- CRAP, this may be really bad if the director is just chillin out here on a Friday evening. Oh well- my optimistic glasses were on, and I wasn’t going to take them off, rather just clean the lenses and start the movie,

Skip 2 hours ahead…

Holy, mother, effing, OW WOW OH, man. I tried to sit back and really take in what I had just witnessed. I don’t know if there are accurate words to describe it- but I had just seen a wildly masterfully cut narrative documentary of REAL LIFE that spliced correctly served up an incredible story of friendship, trust, love, youth, and internal struggle. It’s one of those “did that really just happen” moments where you have to retrace what you just saw to give it even more credibility.

Elizabeth was kind enough to answer question (of which mine was first) about their experience with the stars of desert town, their initial reaction to seeing the cut film, their actual validity, and the processes of making this master-mentary.

I was SHOCKED to find they spent 3 years with these kids and just literally followed them around and tried to urge them to just “act natural” and “do what you would normally do if a camera wasn’t here”.

Hands down the most interesting and creative way I’ve ever seen a snip-it biography shot, edited, and produced.

I’d like to say more, but I really want you to watch it- if you enjoy these types of films. Hit me up on the comments if you have questions.

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