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The Jungle Book bissssssh

The Jungle Book bissssssh

Sorry- this song just GOT ME. Love it, brought me back to that warm kangaroo pouch of a place I call being young and having no responsibility.


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Don’t Forget about The Hype Machine

I love to check out new music and with SO MANY apps, sites, songs, re-mixes, she-mixes, versions… you get the idea- its hard to keep track! There is one place that I know I can go and hear AT LEAST (usually many) one song that I will absolutely love. With a busy work day I hardly have time to search and search for new music. I could always depend on @therealjaybates, as his music selection and ear is superior to most- but that would be too much pressure on him. (For real, Jay knows what sounds good- follow for recommendations). The best part of Hypem.com is the “popular” section. BEWARE- popular on Hypem is not popular like anything else… its like all the cool people got together and said… “ok- you will listen to this!” (minus the exclamation point… cool people dont use them. They also don’t capitalize words or use apostrophes— clearly i am not cool…)

Check it-



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