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Instagram, an instant hit

Just downloaded Instagram and like many others I took right too it. At first I thought it was just some other app to take pictures. “No Thank you” I said “I have camera +” (amazing photo product for iphone) but I came to realize its much more. It takes the technology of the facebook or twitter feed and goes photo… thus every update has a photo. Think this is overkill? Well its not- they provide filters for their pictures with makes everyone look like a photog. This brings me too my deep emo quote “Everything looks better through a filter” (don’t worry, I’m not slitting my writs or swallowing a bottle of pills- its just an emo line that came out.) for real though… these pictures make a brick wall look interesting. I like to scroll through the feed and say to myslef “oh, look at the attitude of that brick wall they captured, what a statement, we all have walls we must pass to get to out next step”  then i realize I am looking at a brick wall and its not that deep…

Here are some examples of things that are not that great that look great on Instagram:

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or should I say… they look much better than they did thru a filter.

If you are in need of another social network this one is fun and great. If you are already overwhelmed by facebook and twitter then don’t even try…

Happy Friday

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iLove iPhone

So I just got my iPhone about a month ago. And just like everything else from apple… i’m head over heels in love. It does all the wonderful things you could ever expect from a phone, but not only that, its truly got me down to one device. For example I used to carry a regular digital camera, a flip video camera and my phone when i went on a trip. Now its my all in one. Here is a little example of what all she can do.

Its not only pictures… its video- at the bottom is a little ditty I recorded and edited on my phone yesterday. Basic but Better.

Rally enjoying life




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