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Fun w Chrome

Playing around with some Google Chrome Extentions I found this fun one called GifPal <>


click to see animation


Top 20 Trends of 2011

This is a quick share inspired by a tweet by @nickonbiz who is at the The Market Reseach Event #TRME. Thought there was some cool info in here and wanted to share!

I don’t know if I agree with every single one- but most are spot on.


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8 Easy Steps to Fresh Eggs

That's my Ginger

Yes, its exactly what it looks like. I bought a chicken yesterday and her name is Ginger.

More on the name-

My first choice for the name was Smantics. Its a play on semantics. I like the word, I like the definition and even more I like to tell people “lets not argue over semantics”. I thought is would be a great name for a child or chicken. You could call her Sam… it just seemed like such a good idea and very original. I have been told that isn’t the case.

Before I get ahead of myself let me go back.

Jonathan, Kay, Toni, Sam and I have decided that it would be great to have some Farm Fresh (Phresh) eggs. Cage Free Farm Fresh sounds delightful. Kay has a good amount of land and its perfect for some roaming chickens.

Here are 8 steps to buying a chicken in Austin:

  1. Own land that could house chickens (between .25 and infinity acres)
  2. Go to craigslist and search “chicken coop” (this is where the chickens Roost) Side note: Chickens are AMAZING. The go to the same place every evening right about dusk- this is called roosting. They walk around all day, then head back to the coop… to roost. (I like to say roost)
  3. Go on craigslist again and search chickens for sale
  4. Call and make sure the person isn’t crazy (some crazy people own chickens)
  5. Go view the chickens before buying. Once you decide- place them in a box and take them home (remember to poke air holes)
  6. Put the chickens in the Coop on your land and let roost for 24 hours
  7. The next day let them loose and watch. They will roost in the coop once dusk hits (like clockwork)
  8. Enjoy Free Range delicious eggs!

Chicken Coop

It may sound super weird but its actually super fun! The chickens are a hoot to watch and very friendly. Mine is an Americana and it will produce Blue or Green Eggs. (I can’t wait!)
I will be sure and keep you up to date on this wonderful experience.
chickens in a coop

From front to back: Ginger, Betty, Georgina

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Instagram, an instant hit

Just downloaded Instagram and like many others I took right too it. At first I thought it was just some other app to take pictures. “No Thank you” I said “I have camera +” (amazing photo product for iphone) but I came to realize its much more. It takes the technology of the facebook or twitter feed and goes photo… thus every update has a photo. Think this is overkill? Well its not- they provide filters for their pictures with makes everyone look like a photog. This brings me too my deep emo quote “Everything looks better through a filter” (don’t worry, I’m not slitting my writs or swallowing a bottle of pills- its just an emo line that came out.) for real though… these pictures make a brick wall look interesting. I like to scroll through the feed and say to myslef “oh, look at the attitude of that brick wall they captured, what a statement, we all have walls we must pass to get to out next step”  then i realize I am looking at a brick wall and its not that deep…

Here are some examples of things that are not that great that look great on Instagram:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

or should I say… they look much better than they did thru a filter.

If you are in need of another social network this one is fun and great. If you are already overwhelmed by facebook and twitter then don’t even try…

Happy Friday

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Talk about a SpookTacular Office Halloween

I- like my co-works loves them some Halloween! I will say its on the bit of the overboard site this year but then again… can you go overboard on Halloween?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyones office look better than that?


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The Capital of Texas Zoo

Let me start this out by saying I love animals and am all about rescuing, saving, and helping.


Took a little trip out to the “Capital of Texas Zoo” ( Sunday. I bought a Groupon awhile back and had that Groupon Guilt (the guilt you feel when you realize a Groupon is going to expire but you still don’t really want to go)  so I had to go use it. The weather was nice, Jonathan and Kay joined me, it was set up to be a nice afternoon.


We all went to the “Austin Zoo” ( a few months early and felt somewhat gyped… there was literally a cage that said “Wolf” and it was someones dog… umm… no thanks. I understand that this is a rescue zoo so I will give them a kudos and just take the experience for what it was.

back to the Capital of Texas Zoo…

We drive, and drive, and drive… this place is no where near the capital of Texas… I’m not sure how they get off calling themselves the Capital of Texas Zoo… maybe I’ll start calling myself the fastest woman in the world and see where it gets me (-Tina Fey)

We pull off the road on to a path… “why is this zoo isn’t off a paved road” you can almost hear our inaudible thoughts. Pass by a number of cow pastures and some small back woods houses before we actually find the ZOO sign. It was at this points our dreams of going to a normal nice zoo with diet coke and quarter feed vending machines were crushed. My face went from hopeful excitement to this…



“This is going to be worse than the Austin Zoo” we allagree in unison. Oh well… we drove here, we are going to see some freakin animals and hopefully some energetic monkeys.

Walking into the office there is NO ONE there just a bunch of cages of snakes/lizzards/spiders and other things NO ONE should have PERIOD. The Rattle Snake literally rattled as you walked by it… my only thought was it was PISSED that it lived here and not a better zoo. Finally a maybe 11 year old boy came up and took down my Groupon number. “Its going to be $1 because we forgot to charge tax” he informed me. “ok”, “keep the change” I told him as I handed him a dollar. (ok that may have been mean)

Luckily they have the highlight of the zoo at the very front. Its a Guinea Pig exhibit (no they are not SHOW QUALITY Jonathan and Kay would want me to tell you…) which is a big open area where Guineas can run around as they would in South America. Its actually a wonderfully cute thing to watch and makes me want to have them all over my yard.

Guinea Pig Area


Some other highlights:

Malnourished Black Leopard Cats that wanted to scratch eyes out (but they are super cute)

Black Leopard Kitten

Hump-phree the tortise… REALLY?


Lenard the Lemur (These are consistently my favorite of all the monkeys)

Lenard the Lemur

Then this crazy thing. Don’t really know what it is, but I want one!

not sure

The real problem with this zoo was that the animals didn’t look very healthy. It was also hard to find where their food and water was/would be placed. Sad. I don’t know alot about the owners but I think they are in over their heads. My best recommendation is drive the extra 30 mins and go to the San Antonio Zoo. Please send $8 to me as I have just saved you the trip 😉

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Cows About Town

If you live in Austin you have seen them. Some have even snuck up behind me and scared the MILK outta me… (corny I know but come on people, I’m talking about cows… its utterly wonderful) either way its all art and I am all about that. A certain photographer has done an excellent job of tracking down all of these sometimes not so obvious cows and capturing them. Johnny Stevens has an EXCELLENT eye as these photos are stunning.
Enjoy the Cows!

cow in austin texas

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