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Top 20 Trends of 2011

This is a quick share inspired by a tweet by @nickonbiz who is at the The Market Reseach Event #TRME. Thought there was some cool info in here and wanted to share!

I don’t know if I agree with every single one- but most are spot on.


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I’m going to NOLA

Headed to New Orleans for the wonderful #NODA Conference. (#NODAC11) And want to know if there are any hidden gems that I need to check out.

Yes, its for work. Yes, its Halloween. Yes, we are staying in the French Quarter. Yes, We will be on Bourbon street. Yes, these are sentence fragments. I really want to know if anyone has great places I can visit. I love food… love a good craft beer. Enjoy a good loungy bar. Love to entertain a group.

Let me know what cha got for me. 🙂

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Don’t Forget about The Hype Machine

I love to check out new music and with SO MANY apps, sites, songs, re-mixes, she-mixes, versions… you get the idea- its hard to keep track! There is one place that I know I can go and hear AT LEAST (usually many) one song that I will absolutely love. With a busy work day I hardly have time to search and search for new music. I could always depend on @therealjaybates, as his music selection and ear is superior to most- but that would be too much pressure on him. (For real, Jay knows what sounds good- follow for recommendations). The best part of is the “popular” section. BEWARE- popular on Hypem is not popular like anything else… its like all the cool people got together and said… “ok- you will listen to this!” (minus the exclamation point… cool people dont use them. They also don’t capitalize words or use apostrophes— clearly i am not cool…)

Check it-


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Kimbra makes sound

Just a little ditty a friend at work told me about… Thanks Erin Ford (@ErinFord_ACC)! A musician herself I know I can trust when she has a reccomendation. This Kimbra is quite talented and wikipedia would tell you : [Kimbra Johnson (born 27 March 1990), known mononymously as Kimbra, is a New Zealand singer/songwriter from Hamilton, New Zealand. She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Kimbra’s debut album Vows was released on 29 August 2011, in New Zealand and 2 September 2011, in Australia] Is it just me or aussies just too damn cool!


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OMG a new post…

well really a re-post… but still… something

werd to ya motha! Ok- I finished my first interview for my Social Media Folks of Austin and will be putting it up soon… promise! But for now I wanted to share this blog post from the wonderful Stephanie and Avery!

Enjoy! Thanks Ladies for making me laugh on a daily basis.

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I want to see this… and if you don’t think this looks amazing then GET OFF MY BLOG! (kidding- of course). My friend @TheRealJayBates turned me on to this trailer- its the official, but I think the teaser is better…

Looks so freakin cool- and they have a bunch of other great interviews on their site:

Anyone want to go see this? I am trying to find out how to snag a copy/see/buy/goto/pirate a copy. Anyone have any ideas?

Now- if you want to see the teaser go here>>

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My Coachella Video

ok, so how did I not already post this?!?

This is the video I made from this year’s Coachella… If you love music festivals, sun, scenery, and a good ole time then take a gander. Would love to hear feedback- so hit me with it if ya got it 😉 Happy Friday!

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Do it Donald!

So if you don’t know… im kinda obsessed with @DonaldGlover aka @ChildishGambino aka #IamDonald —

There is a tumbler post going around for people to suggest places for @DonaldGlover to visit while he is on his #IamDonald tour:

So why wouldn’t i post… right?

So this is my post:


"Dirty Bills"

If you travel west on 6th street in Austin Texas you may stumble upon a quaint dive bar with a name like no other… Dirty, yes I said “Dirty” but that’s hardly what you will find there. In its attempt to scare away the average bar go-er it attracts a better crowd of industry and friends of industry workers. If you walk in and don’t know anyone you will meet someone. If you walk in and you can’t meet anyone… then get the eff out.

In the back corner by the jukebox you will find a posse of tenured drinkers who control the flow of tunes. Well only when they aren’t listening to the tunes of DJ Mel, Randy, and others. This corner has a stigma of high tippers, heavy drinkers, and hopeful hipsters. Next time you’re there be sure and say hi!

Take a cab. I guarantee they won’t know where you’re talking about. If you don’t love and respect that then don’t even attempt to walk in. Instead head over to Key Bar, The Ranch, Maggie Mae’s or somewhere else that… well, just isn’t as fun…

Dirty Bill’s is there for those who love and care about it. Leave your ugly at the door, walk inside, respect the bartenders, know what you like to drink, tip well, and you will be happy as a kitten wearing mittens.

Love you Dirty,


"Dirty Bills Gnome"

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Stare Into The Sun – Graffiti6

I heard this song on the radio this am and couldn’t get it out of my head… Found the video this morning, and just makes me want to go back to that coachella desert. #Love

Love the colors, the animation, the song, everything…

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Chris Brown say what x3?

Lets Talk  about Chris Brown… Im not the biggest fan, but I have respect for the guy… I mean no, not for beating anyone up… but for his musical abilities… he seems like a good dancer as well.

I’m not going to say a lot more about him… other than this video suggests that the cure for boredom is Chris Brown… also why is he portrayed as a huge role model? just saw a little ranga child yell “hey its chris brown” as if those are his first words. That doesn’t seem conventionally correct??…  Esp when he is heist style jumping on the top of cars full of stereo equipment. Can anyone say ARMED ROBBERY? Armed with what you may say? just watch more and its called armed with duo dance moves… (2:39)

Ok— just watch…


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