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What’s in a title?

*** I don’t want to start every blog like this, but to CMA— these words and opinions in this blog are solely mine and do not reflect that of any named parties.*** ugh

Moving jobs in a feat in its own… moving jobs and not knowing what your title is… well its strange. I mean I know what it do, and I love it, but I was never clear on what my “title” is.


Does it matter?


It really doesn’t matter. It does matter what I do, but it doesn’t matter what they call me.


Let me back up. I have been a little obsessed with my title since I entered the work place… maybe that’s because I have strived to climb to the top (CMO anyone??? ;)… maybe its because I have a very traditional family. I don’t know, but I was concerend.

Please notice my use of past tense…was

I am no longer concerned. I have hit a point where I just want to be good at what I do.


Take startups for example: I have seen everything from : Chief Ninja, to Social Guy, to Cook for Smart People, to Monkey Wrangler.

At my new company I noticed that the receptionist is the Director of First Impressions. WOW! She really is! And its great!


What not to do:

When I’m browsing LinkedIn and see that some people are “CEO of (Their Name) Industries” yeah… there is only one of you… I guess I am CEO of Ryanhandinc (ok- really I am!).

Go ahead and make yourself a better title. For example if you sell custom shoes… Chief Shoe Designer, or Shoe Monger, or Maker of de Shoes. If you are a cookie baker: Leading Cookie Cook, Lady of the Cookie, Chief Dough Roller. If you paint fences: Painter of all things Primed, Price of Paint, Chief Painting Gibbon… you get the point.

What you do is going to supersede what your title is.


With all this said I need a title.

“Recruitment Marketing Manager” or “Manager of Recruitment Marketing” doesn’t seem to do the trick…

What about “Recruitment Marketing Guy”???

I don’t know. Help me 🙂

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Do you want to buy one?

Ok— I was checking out another blog and saw the “baby bullet” which i’ve known about for while but I just had to share the TERRIBLE yet HILARIOUS infomercial.

I want to say so much more… but please… if you have 10mins, just watch… Try not to jab your eyes out…

I seriously thought it was a parody when i first saw it… but its soooooo not! and why is the Grandma a drunk????

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Arrested Development… Any new development?

Arrested Development Cast

I’m a huge fan of Arrested Developement. Its places right there amoung me top shows:

1. Seinfeld

2. 30 Rock

3. Arrested Development

4. Parks and Recreation

5. The Office (before Pam and Jim got together)

Back to the topic at hand: I love the show and deel partially responsible for it leaving there air. I was one of those fans who wasn’t watching it when it was on air… but who fell in love after it had been canceled not one, or two, but three times.

It shocks me how a show of that caliber can be canceled three times but my hat goes off to the executives and producers that decided there really was some gold in the writing and acting. Kudos.

Arrested Development

So my question comes when talking about the “movie”. I’ve heard talks of the movie and I would be fan # 1 in line to buy a ticket. There is a chance i would even go see the movie over 20 times since thats how many times I have seen every episode.

Anyone have any news?

Know anything?

Other than whats out there in IMDB?



Here are some of my favorite quotes from the show:

Waitress: Plate or platter?
Lucille: I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.


Mae ‘Maebe’ Funke: Do you guys know where I could get one of those gold T-shaped pendants?
Michael: That’s a cross.
Mae ‘Maebe’ Funke: Across from where?


Tobias Fünke: No, no, it’s pronounced a-nal-ra-pist.
Buster: It wasn’t really the pronunciation that bothered me.


Michael: I really think the reason you and I always fight is that, since we were little, Dad’s always played us off each other.
Gob: Dad always said that was your fault.


Lucille: Oh, George, I should have never doubted you. Even when you slept with my sister it was for a good reason.
George Sr.: Got her to stop drinking, didn’t it?


Man there are so many more…

Probably the two best clips that I can think of off the top of my head…

I don’t want to say goodbye to this hilarious dysfunctional family yet…

Arrested Development

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Talk about a SpookTacular Office Halloween

I- like my co-works loves them some Halloween! I will say its on the bit of the overboard site this year but then again… can you go overboard on Halloween?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyones office look better than that?


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The Capital of Texas Zoo

Let me start this out by saying I love animals and am all about rescuing, saving, and helping.


Took a little trip out to the “Capital of Texas Zoo” ( Sunday. I bought a Groupon awhile back and had that Groupon Guilt (the guilt you feel when you realize a Groupon is going to expire but you still don’t really want to go)  so I had to go use it. The weather was nice, Jonathan and Kay joined me, it was set up to be a nice afternoon.


We all went to the “Austin Zoo” ( a few months early and felt somewhat gyped… there was literally a cage that said “Wolf” and it was someones dog… umm… no thanks. I understand that this is a rescue zoo so I will give them a kudos and just take the experience for what it was.

back to the Capital of Texas Zoo…

We drive, and drive, and drive… this place is no where near the capital of Texas… I’m not sure how they get off calling themselves the Capital of Texas Zoo… maybe I’ll start calling myself the fastest woman in the world and see where it gets me (-Tina Fey)

We pull off the road on to a path… “why is this zoo isn’t off a paved road” you can almost hear our inaudible thoughts. Pass by a number of cow pastures and some small back woods houses before we actually find the ZOO sign. It was at this points our dreams of going to a normal nice zoo with diet coke and quarter feed vending machines were crushed. My face went from hopeful excitement to this…



“This is going to be worse than the Austin Zoo” we allagree in unison. Oh well… we drove here, we are going to see some freakin animals and hopefully some energetic monkeys.

Walking into the office there is NO ONE there just a bunch of cages of snakes/lizzards/spiders and other things NO ONE should have PERIOD. The Rattle Snake literally rattled as you walked by it… my only thought was it was PISSED that it lived here and not a better zoo. Finally a maybe 11 year old boy came up and took down my Groupon number. “Its going to be $1 because we forgot to charge tax” he informed me. “ok”, “keep the change” I told him as I handed him a dollar. (ok that may have been mean)

Luckily they have the highlight of the zoo at the very front. Its a Guinea Pig exhibit (no they are not SHOW QUALITY Jonathan and Kay would want me to tell you…) which is a big open area where Guineas can run around as they would in South America. Its actually a wonderfully cute thing to watch and makes me want to have them all over my yard.

Guinea Pig Area


Some other highlights:

Malnourished Black Leopard Cats that wanted to scratch eyes out (but they are super cute)

Black Leopard Kitten

Hump-phree the tortise… REALLY?


Lenard the Lemur (These are consistently my favorite of all the monkeys)

Lenard the Lemur

Then this crazy thing. Don’t really know what it is, but I want one!

not sure

The real problem with this zoo was that the animals didn’t look very healthy. It was also hard to find where their food and water was/would be placed. Sad. I don’t know alot about the owners but I think they are in over their heads. My best recommendation is drive the extra 30 mins and go to the San Antonio Zoo. Please send $8 to me as I have just saved you the trip 😉

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Tina Fey, Lady of the Day!

Sorry about the title… it Rhymed…

So I just finished “Bossypants” Tina Fey’s masterpiece of a book. To say I liked it would be grossly understated like the phrase ‘gibbons have kinda long arms’…

Tina Fey Bossypants

Tina Fey Bossypants

It was one of those audiobooks you just couldn’t put down… no for real, I would literally take longer routes to work and home just to listen to more of her genius. (Damn… why didn’t I just get some headphones?)
Have you read it?

(Ok- Only Put that in there because I like inserting polls.)

Since I didn’t read the back panel of the book to find out what it was about, I’m assuming you didn’t either… but you probably did.

The book talks about Tina’s life in relation to work and on a SERIOUS note she does give a number of really great bits of knowledge for those of us who have been/are a boss.

If you don’t laugh out loud while reading/listening to this… there is something terribly wrong with you… or you are a mute… or you just don’t like it… or you hate my blog… or I’m running out of “ors”

Read it, love it, tell me what you thought of it.

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