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Fun w Chrome

Playing around with some Google Chrome Extentions I found this fun one called GifPal <>


click to see animation


May your Holiday Gifts be Facebook Branded

Man- its been awhile… and rightfully so… I promise… lots going on in Ryan Hand land, but that will be a story for another time. Right now- its time to talk about FACEBOOK! Do you think if I use the word “Facebook” enough in this facebook post that I will go up in SEO becasue of facebook the searchable word? I’m facebook not facebook sure facebook either…

So I get back to work and on my desk is a pretty little box (for the record- not pretty- Brown normal box). I open it up and its another box. This one is actually pretty, white with some social facebook branding

My first thought is that I am so freaking awesome that Facebook has sent a personalized job offer to my current employer! Wow- I must be THE SHIT! Then reality hits me… Facebook doesn’t want me, they want my business… ok fine. Let me just open this box before I make any more assumptions…






ahhhhh! Please… what does please mean? ok now I am getting excited… please please please, and it looks like there is something fun in a jersey bag… EXCITEMENT!







Please share? Please share what? I feel like little Ralphie on “A Christmas Story” with my Little Orphan Annie Decoder, sitting in the bathroom waiting to find out what Annie could possibly need!!!





Ah HA! Please Share the Good Cheer. $50 to the Educational Cause of my choice! Ok- Facebook, I like.

For real, this was a really awesome way to give a really wonderful meaningful gift to your customers. Its not a box of really bad candy or stale trail mix (if you are going to send me these things please still send, I do eat them… usually in one sitting) it was a gift that gets to make a difference.


They also included a really nice reusable water bottle with a filter. A

 really nice gift for a conscious austinite.

Lets take a second and talk presentation: They really stopped at nothing to make this look amazing. From the outter box being very “apple clean” to the easy message of the cards.  They use of less than 15 words to make a HUGE statement. This is marketing. This is branding. This is the way that thoughtful gifts should be done.

I know their resources are high, but if you are trying to win the affection of someone this is a great way to do it.



Thank you Facebook, and may your Christmas be bright!

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Top 20 Trends of 2011

This is a quick share inspired by a tweet by @nickonbiz who is at the The Market Reseach Event #TRME. Thought there was some cool info in here and wanted to share!

I don’t know if I agree with every single one- but most are spot on.


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Instagram, an instant hit

Just downloaded Instagram and like many others I took right too it. At first I thought it was just some other app to take pictures. “No Thank you” I said “I have camera +” (amazing photo product for iphone) but I came to realize its much more. It takes the technology of the facebook or twitter feed and goes photo… thus every update has a photo. Think this is overkill? Well its not- they provide filters for their pictures with makes everyone look like a photog. This brings me too my deep emo quote “Everything looks better through a filter” (don’t worry, I’m not slitting my writs or swallowing a bottle of pills- its just an emo line that came out.) for real though… these pictures make a brick wall look interesting. I like to scroll through the feed and say to myslef “oh, look at the attitude of that brick wall they captured, what a statement, we all have walls we must pass to get to out next step”  then i realize I am looking at a brick wall and its not that deep…

Here are some examples of things that are not that great that look great on Instagram:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

or should I say… they look much better than they did thru a filter.

If you are in need of another social network this one is fun and great. If you are already overwhelmed by facebook and twitter then don’t even try…

Happy Friday

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Talk about a SpookTacular Office Halloween

I- like my co-works loves them some Halloween! I will say its on the bit of the overboard site this year but then again… can you go overboard on Halloween?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyones office look better than that?


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Cows About Town

If you live in Austin you have seen them. Some have even snuck up behind me and scared the MILK outta me… (corny I know but come on people, I’m talking about cows… its utterly wonderful) either way its all art and I am all about that. A certain photographer has done an excellent job of tracking down all of these sometimes not so obvious cows and capturing them. Johnny Stevens has an EXCELLENT eye as these photos are stunning.
Enjoy the Cows!

cow in austin texas

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ikea? no… mykea!

Say what you will about ikea… but they do a fantastic job as a business. And I will be the first to agree that some of their designs are AWESOME… but at the same time I find some of their furniture to be cheap (not well made), too small, and some not even a good deal (i know! but just do some shopping…)

I’m getting off track…

If you find yourself making an ikea purchase, just know that you can now add some sweet custom stickers too it! A website called has made this possible.

Now you can turn your normal ole white “LACK” table into a turn table or a chest into a… much better chest… (blank)


I’m a huge fan, and encourage you to check them out and sticker up your brand new furniture :P.

Keep sharing this, I love seeing new creative ideas, and I want them all to live! (Thanks for sharing @kaylameyer1)

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