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Fun w Chrome

Playing around with some Google Chrome Extentions I found this fun one called GifPal <>


click to see animation


Ramblings of an old job

This is a blog that I never posted… until NOW! (its not very good, think it was a wine-ey night)

Originally Titled: New Gig

*** I must start this blog by saying the views and opinions expressed on this post and anywhere on this blog are solely mine. They do not reflect my employer or anyone but myself. You have to say these things because if you don’t then people can get VERY angry and try to sue. While I think time can be saved by trying to sue little ole me there are certain people who have made a living doing so. Not knocking anyone or anything just stating the opinions of ME 🙂

An era has come to an end for me. My last day at Asmerican Smampus Sommunities (all names in this story have been changed to protect the corporatti) is January 3 2012. While I will miss everyone there dearly; I am very excited for my newest venture! Not going to talk about it yet… as its too soon and thats not what this post is about.



Thats the title?



Well lets go over some thing I learned in the last 5 years:

It’s really fun to work with your friends- I was really lucky to have lots of friends to work with. Most of them came after i began work there, but there were plenty that I already knew and it made things easy to slip into… like a oiled monkey on a greased skillet. It’s also fun to be able to look over at your friends and know the pain beneath their eyes from a WAY too late night that you were enthusiastically participating in at the same time and now regretting. (Why can’t we ever just wait till Friday?)

Going out to lunch everyday is a tasty trap- Other than consuming 2000 calories in chips and salsa alone, going out to lunch is a fun much needed day break. When you have a dedicated crew of lunch lemurs its a great feeling, until your belt doesn’t fit and your wallet is thinning.

Passive learning is THE BEST- You really learn a ton at each job. Ok, well maybe YOU don’t but I sure do. It’s not that I’m learning in the conventional college “I’ve got to cram for this test so can i borrow that 1/2 an addie? and pay you back after I don’t sleep for 2 days and listen to way too much radiohead” its more of a learning about all of your surroundings. People around you- understanding types of people and strengths. The place around you- what your company really does… not really what you tell people you do but what goes down on the inside. The things around you- I found that a desk chair makes quite the napkin when you are in a bind (sorry whoever inherits that chair :?). The multiple personality disorder that corporate America has given everyone… I mean for real— I know a number of people who are two different people: One at work, one not at work… Is this ok? I prefer myself at all times…

Socializing is not wasting time – I am a firm believer that being social, meeting the people around me and listening to them has made me more of an asset than some of my peers. Its not wasting time if you look at the bigger picture. For example. I was able to make some wonderful contacts in my field just by chatting with someone at the water cooler about his hometown… “Oh- you know SoAndSo? Really? Would you mind if I shot them an email and introduced myself?” Ok- that story is better with detail… but I prefer to stay away from real names.

Its HARD to get fired. Provided your company is fiscally sound… its really not an easy task to get the boot. I’ve seen unqualified people who just flat out failed and were not only kept… but PROMOTED?!?! yeah… crazy. This is not at just one company, this has happened at SEVERAL now… and I’m still somewhat young. As much as you hear from older folk… “well just be happy you have a job” or “you better not or you will get fired”… its for the birds. In my experience you can get away with alot before someone even gets the slightest bit mad. But then again… I’m pretty amazing 😉 (I’ve just been informed by my dog, Rally, that I’m not that amazing unless i take off her stilly christmas hooded sweatshirt).

Finally I learned that you are only worth what you make yourself worth. Its much easier said “i’m gonna make over $100K per year by the time I’m 30” than done. You have to put yourself out there and make the tough decisions. At the end of the day, a job is what you make it. If you tell yourself that you can’t leave because you would lose everything then i guess you can’t leave… but if you really look at it, you can probably leave you just need to be prepared first (word of advice… find a new job before you leave the old). I don’t think many companies truly value their employees— there are maybe a handful, but most are looking out for their bottom dollar. Remember that. In conclusion- to each his own. Do what you got to do and don’t look back (unless a nintendo style ghost is after you!).

nintendo ghost

Look him in the eye!

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What’s in a title?

*** I don’t want to start every blog like this, but to CMA— these words and opinions in this blog are solely mine and do not reflect that of any named parties.*** ugh

Moving jobs in a feat in its own… moving jobs and not knowing what your title is… well its strange. I mean I know what it do, and I love it, but I was never clear on what my “title” is.


Does it matter?


It really doesn’t matter. It does matter what I do, but it doesn’t matter what they call me.


Let me back up. I have been a little obsessed with my title since I entered the work place… maybe that’s because I have strived to climb to the top (CMO anyone??? ;)… maybe its because I have a very traditional family. I don’t know, but I was concerend.

Please notice my use of past tense…was

I am no longer concerned. I have hit a point where I just want to be good at what I do.


Take startups for example: I have seen everything from : Chief Ninja, to Social Guy, to Cook for Smart People, to Monkey Wrangler.

At my new company I noticed that the receptionist is the Director of First Impressions. WOW! She really is! And its great!


What not to do:

When I’m browsing LinkedIn and see that some people are “CEO of (Their Name) Industries” yeah… there is only one of you… I guess I am CEO of Ryanhandinc (ok- really I am!).

Go ahead and make yourself a better title. For example if you sell custom shoes… Chief Shoe Designer, or Shoe Monger, or Maker of de Shoes. If you are a cookie baker: Leading Cookie Cook, Lady of the Cookie, Chief Dough Roller. If you paint fences: Painter of all things Primed, Price of Paint, Chief Painting Gibbon… you get the point.

What you do is going to supersede what your title is.


With all this said I need a title.

“Recruitment Marketing Manager” or “Manager of Recruitment Marketing” doesn’t seem to do the trick…

What about “Recruitment Marketing Guy”???

I don’t know. Help me 🙂

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